Pragmaticus GmbH – more than just a supplier

Pragmaticus GmbH Division Armaturen is an independent medium business company. 

Pragmaticus delivers high quality fixtures and fittings for piping used in water industry, oil and gas industry, power industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, mining, steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the manufacture of industrial equipment and piping.

Core competence of Pragmaticus is professional technical advice with regard to individual customer needs and developed system solution on this basis.   

Pragmaticus offers a complete package of solutions, i.e. joining together the demand for different versions of the product allows the customer to considerably reduce the cost of purchase.   

Pragmaticus has strategic collaboration with partners and producers, guaranteeing an innovative product development, safe and reliable products in accordance with international standards, as well as the optimal conditions of delivery. 

Pragmaticus works in compliance with international requirements for production processes, products and quality systems, and provides project management, as well as a comprehensive service, including provision of spare parts and maintenance. 

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